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Guaranteed Ride Home programs (GRH) also known as Emergency Ride Home programs, are offered by many counties and employers, and take the worry out of being stranded without a car. A GRH provides commuters who regularly carpool, vanpool, bike, walk or take transit to work with a reliable and FREE ride home - usually in a taxi or rental car - when unexpected emergencies arise.

Program details, including eligibility, logistics and types of emergencies covered, vary depending on which organization is offering the program. For info on a GRH program in your home or work county, view our County Rewards section. In general, GRH programs follow these guidelines:

GRH may be used in cases of:

  • Personal or family emergency or illness
  • Unscheduled overtime (with supervisor's verification)
  • Unexpected departure of carpool or vanpool partner(s)

GRH may not be used for:

  • Personal/pre-scheduled appointments (doctor/dentist)
  • Weather emergencies or unexpected acts of nature
  • Pre-arranged overtime
  • Business-related travel

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