Vanpool - Parking Permits

The cities of Oakland and San Francisco offer discounted (or reduced-cost) parking permits for qualified vanpools. To see if your vanpool meets the requirements, contact 511.

City of Oakland - Mini Van
Minimum Required # Passengers: 7 passengers
Pricing: $120 (4 times/year)

City of Oakland - Full-Sized Van
Minimum Required # Passengers: 11 passengers
Pricing: $60 (4 times/year)

City & County of San Francisco - Mini Van & Full-Sized Van
Minimum Required # Passengers: 7-15 passengers
Pricing: $111/year

  • Only vans or SUV's with 7 to 15 passengers are eligible for vanpool parking (cars, station wagons, etc. DO NOT qualify)
  • In Oakland, permits authorize parking in designated vanpool parking locations only
  • In San Francisco, permits allow vans to park at any meter with a time limit of 60 minutes or longer
  • Parking spaces are available on a first-come-first-served basis (spaces are not reserved or pre-assigned)
  • Permits are assigned to the vehicle not the driver (vehicle registration information is required)
  • A vanpool rider list with contact information is required

To purchase San Francisco vanpool parking permits, click here. For information on Oakland vanpool parking permits, call 511 and say "Rideshare".

Note: 511 Rideshare is not responsible for parking citations or refunding any parking permit payments.

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